Ambry = A recess in the wall of a church or a cupboard in a sacristy where sacred vessels, books, vestments, or information are kept.

The definition of ambry forms the basis for Ambry Hill Technologies (AHT). What is more sacred to a company than its data and its people? The aviation aftermarket and Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) industry, with all its government oversight and regulations, has been asking for a technology solution provider who understands this and can deliver solutions leveraging modern technology and techniques. The framework must be simple - deliver tools and technology to match the way an aviation aftermarket and MRO business functions. Data needs to be secure, yet accessible everywhere, at any time, delivered and actionable in a fashion to match the user in the unique role that they serve in their business. The solutions must encompass traditional IT integration methods as well as progressive social tactis.

Introducing AHT, the first technology provider to respond to the market with its unique combination of technology and tools offered in a framework to support aviation business. AHT provides Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) support solutions for the Aviation Aftermarket industry via years of experience. The AHT solution allows the aviation business to focus on it's core strengths, without having to become IT industry experts, and via role-based training methods which brings instant ROI to their operation. Systems Automation, customizations and process improvement enhance the businesses through proven real world and affordable approaches.

Simply put, we don't reinvent the wheel, which saves you money. We are experts at taking existing technologies and making it work in your organization.

Meet Our Team

Leaders. Mentors. Friends.

Paul Stewart

Chief Executive Officer

A well known consultant in the Aviation Aftermarket Industry with over 20 years in business operations and software technology he has a nack for innovative approaches to solving daily business problems. Paul founded Ambry Hill Technologies (AHT) because of a deep-seated belief that the Aviation Aftermarket Industry is ready for a simplified, user friendly and intuitive business software solution that helps solve one essential problem: An unmanageable volume of request for quotes (RFQs) caused by decentralized and non-standardized inventory marketing platforms. Based on this insight, he believes the industry is in desperate need of a software provider who can solve this logistical roadblock and is genuinely interested in customer success. As CEO of Ambry Hill Technologies, and as a cheerleader for Aviation Aftermarket Industry innovation, he is the driving force behind the disruptive and cutting-edge software solutions that AHT offers.

Kevin Otto

Sr. Business Analyst

Kevin Otto comes to Ambry Hill Technologies with over 18 years of aviation software and industry experience, extending from training to complete implementations of leading aerospace software systems. He has designed and developed custom solutions for dozens of parts trading, maintenance repair and overhaul companies as well as regional and commercial airline operators.

Kevin now drives the innovative thinking of the VistaQuote solution by collaborating with companies to establish the most effective solutions for their organization. He is on the leading edge of our forward thinking solution that drive efficiency in aviation business worldwide.

Malkesh Mangukiya

Director of Software Technology

As a leading .Net developer Malkesh comes to Ambry Hill Technologies with a rich background. He earned a bachelor in computer application in 2004 and Masters in Business Administration in 2006. He has dedicated his career to mastering Microsoft technologies in a hosted environment including Visual Basic 6 and .Net as well as MS SQL, MySQL and other leading database architectures. His accomplishments include the creation of complete CRM solutions to dynamic multi-thread web technologies and now the ground breaking technology of VistaQuote. Malkesh is the key technology driver and architect behind the cutting edge Aviation Software called VistaQuote. His expertise and leadership will continue to have a positive impact on the operation of Aviation Aftermarket Businesses all over the world and is a key driver of Ambry Hill Technologies ability to delivery cutting edge products, the likes of which the industry has never seen.

Jon Clayton

Network Administrator

Jon started his career as a certified Network Administrator and is a technology professional with over 20 years' experience in the fast pace technology arena. He has fostered industry compliance through corporate certifications and provided the IT resources to support the strategic efforts of small, enterprise and non-profit organizations alike. In his current role, Jon oversees a staff that meet’s the SLA to over 1200 onsite employee’s. His strong background in technology-based organizations has made him fluent in applying the fast-paced world of ever-changing technology to everyday business needs.
• Jon has been awarded customer service skills and recognized by COX communications for the Top Tech Exec award by San Diego magazine in 2011.
• His hands on industry experience delivering cyber security needs for Fortune 500 banking clients. This includes administering firewalls and IPsec tunnels, secure data lifecycle including data in transit, secure email communications, monitoring and other cyber security principles. Certified with Security+ce, Linux and Microsoft security professional.
• He has a deep background Active Directory, Microsoft Back Office including Exchange and Office 365 and various on premises and cloud technologies.
• Jon possesses over 20 years of experience in successfully completing IT projects of various sizes and certified in Project Management
• Jon has a passion for quality and prides himself on the success of mentoring interns and technology professionals. A team player, Jon is always willing to discuss and share his leadership and is driven to promote the success of those around him.
• Jon has the ability to connect business needs with efficient and effective technological solutions. His integrity, tenacious work ethic and restless mind make him a valuable asset to the company.

Eric Schech

Marketing Director

Eric’s professional expertise is in marketing, integrated communications, and customer service. Most of his professional experience comes from nearly 8 years with the largest quick service chicken chain in the U.S. called Chick-fil-A, where he held both operations manager and marketing director roles. He earned a BA from Southeastern Louisiana University in Integrated Marketing Communications and has entreprenerd 3 different business of his own. Eric is increasingly fascinated by the possibility of achieving that which seems impossible. He enjoys learning more about complimentary topics to his current pursuits like website coding and design, graphic design, photography, and video production.

Jason Harders

Assisting Business

Jason has 20 years experience in the IT field and has dedicated his career to assisting business and their users to get the most out of their IT platforms, applications and services.
A San Diego State School of Business Alum, Jason started his journey in the IT world working for a B2B technology company assisting apparel manufactures in automating their sales order processing. As a member of a small startup where resources were scarce at times Jason realized and took the initiative to wear multiple hats giving him the opportunity to learn almost every aspect of running the day to day business operations.
During the companies acquisition in 2006, Jason’s experience as a project leader ensured all the business resources and clients transitioned seamlessly to the new company’s environments. That success lead to a position where he spent 12 years with CenterStone Technologies as a Technical Account Manager working with some of the largest Apparel and Sporting Goods brands in the World.
Jason brings to the table unprecedented user support backed by technical knowledge and a kindness to help and ensure the success of the most challenging customers. His demeaner in difficult situations is stable and positive and he is known as a cornerstone to driving customer satisfaction and client success through a multitude of environments.

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