7/20/2020 7:06:55 PM

Asset Preservation - Planned Maintenance Automation

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Your existing maintenance software is lacking essential asset preservation management tools for checklist control, task scheduling and basic communication.

Consider all the steps you take to onboard an asset and organize the recurring checks associated with its maintenance plan for upkeep or preservation. The hassle of manual data entry and creation of work packages can be streamlined with VistaAssets’ mobile companion app, VistaTech, while keeping the “dirty fingerprint” paper trail. 

Features in VistaAssets:

  • Advanced asset catalog and management
  • Organize several assets into one, easy-to-manage group
  • Create your own collection of unique checklists
  • Checklists are recurring based on asset induction date/time, and asset time zone
  • Easily assign checklists to technicians
  • View images of the asset and details like airport and pad location
  • View a maintenance check’s task instructions
  • View required equipment or parts needed to perform the checks
  • View attached files or images such as IPCs, manuals, and reference materials
  • Technician and Inspector sign-offs      
  • Create non-routine events (squawks), and include photos
  • View squawk history
  • Manage a maintenance check’s results and apply status indicators for failed or passed
  • Record actions taken for each task
  • View task history
  • View or print the paper version of a check list document
  • Send and receive direct messages with your team or even the asset owner
  • Share your activities with asset owners, lessors, or managers as ‘read only’ through their own online portal