NEW Asset Preservation Management

Easily control checklists. Quickly schedule tasks.

VistaAssets works alongside your existing maintenance software to deliver a new asset preservation management toolset for controling checklists, scheduling tasks, and monitoring asset readiness.

Ambry Hill Product
Ambry Hill Product

Asset preservation management for all

Your existing maintenance software is lacking essential asset preservation management tools for checklist control, task scheduling and basic communication.

  • View images of the asset and details like airport and pad location
  • View a maintenance check’s task instructions
  • Manage a maintenance check’s results and apply status indicators for failed or passed
  • Record actions taken for each task
  • View required equipment or parts needed to perform the checks
  • Mechanic and Inspector signoffs
  • View attached files or images such as IPCs, manuals or other reference materials
  • Create non-routine events (squawks)
  • Send and receive direct messages with your team or even the asset owner
  • View or print the paper version of a check list document

Affordable, flexible and modern

Use VistaAssets to manage the preservation checklists and task scheduling for aircraft, APUs, tugs, carts, tooling, heavy equipment and so much more.

Schedule a live demo with our VistaAssets team to explore all of the exciting features that will benefit your business. After the live demo, we’ll provide you with an affordable, customized quote that’s relevant to your business.
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Ambry Hill Product

Accomplish more in the field

Our VistaTech Mobile App is included with your VistaAssets subscription. VistaTech allows mechanics to perform, record and track checks while in the field. Squawks created in the VistaTech Mobile App can seamlessly transmit to your existing maintenance software for follow-through.

Ambry Hill Product

Available for your Smartphones

VistaTech Mobile App Allows Mechanics to Perform, Record and Track Checks While in the Field.


How It Works

Consider all the steps you take to onboard an asset and organize the recurring checks associated with its maintenance plan for upkeep or preservation. The hassle of manual data entry and creation of work packages can be streamlined with VistaAssets’ mobile companion app, VistaTech, while keeping the “dirty fingerprint” paper trail.

Ambry Hill Product
  • Ambry Hill Product


    Choose an existing, adjustable template or create your own collection of unique checklists.

  • Ambry Hill Product


    Specify your task’s due dates, organize recurring activities and assign work to individuals.

  • Ambry Hill Product


    Record non-routine events (squawks) during maintenance checks and choose to push them to your existing maintenance software.

  • Ambry Hill Product


    Allow customers to see activities, check progress and chat with you through direct messaging.


Call to action

Need to identify and record non-routines (squawks) to your business software?
VistaTech works with any Maintenance Software system having an ODBC compliant database, including ones not listed here. A few examples you might be familiar with are:

Perfect for Aviation Parking and Storage services! With VistaTech, view and manage recurring check lists and tasks for all kinds of tangible assets like airplanes, helicopters, heavy equipment, tugs, auxiliary power units (APU), tooling and more!