WhatsApp and integration

SkySelect, an AI-powered parts procurement platform for airlines & MROs, has teamed up with Ambry Hill Technologies, creators of purpose-built business management software for the aviation aftermarket, to empower suppliers with enhanced efficiency and expanded capabilities to maximize their potential in the market through integration with Ambry Hill’s Vista-Quote.

By seamlessly integrating Vista-Quote for inbound RFQ and quoting automation with SkySelect’s platform, Vista-Quote users are provided with an exceptional solution that includes inventory continuity, cutting-edge RFQ and quote management, and real-time integration options with various Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems.

This partnership allows suppliers to receive RFQs from the SkySelect platform directly into the Vista-Quote system, automatically convert the RFQ into a formal quote response, and then electronically transmit and link the Vista-Quote quote response directly into the SkySelect platform. The closed-loop processing and conversion of inbound RFQs into standardized quote responses from Vista-Quote dramatically enhances the productivity of sales teams while also reducing turnaround times and closing the gaps between the supplier and the customer. The end results are the complete elimination of all non-value-added but business-required manual quote creation and response process steps, measurable improvements in RFQ response times and throughput, enhanced visibility into the performance of sales teams, overall sales performance, and improved profitability.

When a Vista-Quote user enables the SkySelect supplier connectors, the supplier will have a unified platform for managing their inventory, RFQs, and quoting for their SkySelect sales process. Inventory can be automatically updated to SkySelect with or without Vista-Quote’s optional ERP and MRO software connectivity, and quote responses sent from Vista-Quote are seamlessly reflected in the SkySelect account. Enabling Vista-Quote’s ERP and MRO software connectivity can reduce manual data entry by pushing the quotes directly to the business software.

Ambry Hill’s Founder and CEO, Paul Stewart, stated, “Vista-Quote offers unmatched RFQ and quote automation using Artificial Intelligence to interpret freeform RFQ emails, the powerful automatic quoting, and even the automated export compliance screening. We have been pioneers in streamlining the business processes for suppliers and will continue to lead the innovation in this aviation sector for years to come.”

Vista-Quote’s inbound RFQ email and quote management capabilities, paired with a SkySelect account integration, will drastically improve efficiencies, increase revenue, and improve the overall information supply chain.

“Our mission is to enhance the supply chain by providing intelligent solutions for the buying and selling process,” said Craig Skilton, SkySelect’s Director of Supplier Development. “Our collaboration with Ambry Hill presents an opportunity to provide a cutting-edge, industry-specific solution to our SkySelect suppliers as they seek greater operational optimization.”

SkySelect and Ambry Hill Technologies bring this integration to market with a unified goal: to improve the overall supply chain for the supplier and buyer through a single, robust platform designed to automate, optimize, and simplify aircraft parts trading.

Ambry Hill Technologies is a pioneer in supplier innovations, specializing in cloud-based and mobile business management applications designed to increase sales, reduce costs, and improve overall productivity.

About SkySelect:
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