WhatsApp and integration and strategic partnership explained

The145 is the ONLY online service dedicated exclusively to the aviation MRO market. They have made it their business for more than 20 years to not only list every possible repair source in the world but also to provide repair centers and customers of repair services with tools to help them grow their businesses.

The145’s unwavering commitment to the aviation MRO market now extends to the supplier side, aiming to enhance the supply chain. In a significant move, The145 is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Ambry Hill Technologies, advocating for its innovative cloud-based Vista-Quote RFQ and quote management platform. This collaboration is poised to transform how The145 customers handle inbound requests for quotes (RFQ) volume, offering a more efficient and seamless quote response process. 

Vista-Quote is a uniquely powerful platform that offers a streamlined system for receiving, routing, and managing inbound RFQs. Its standout feature is the AI interpretation of freeform/plain text RFQs, which is an aviation industry first. Vista-Quote seamlessly integrates with various aviation ERP systems and legacy databases, making it the most comprehensive supplier RFQ and Quote management tool available.

With Vista-Quote, salespersons can generate professionally customized quotes quickly and easily in response to RFQs, saving users time and money. Vista-Quote works with marketplace through direct integration and accommodates many other inbound RFQ formats and quoting needs.

“We are confident that Vista-Quote will extend the value of services, making it even easier for suppliers to respond to requests for quotes,” said Justin Spaulding, The145’s President and CEO. “By streamlining processes and minimizing manual tasks, to enhancing collaboration between The145 customer and supplier, we can add value to all supply chain parties.”

The145 customers will benefit from Vista-Quote’s automated quoting capabilities, optional connectivity to legacy ERPs and databases, online customer quote acceptance mechanism, and direct integration with marketplace. “We are excited to partner with to offer this powerful new solution to the Aviation MRO sector. vision and customer focus align perfectly with our principles, making the partnership a great fit,” said Paul Stewart, President of Ambry Hill Technologies.

To learn more about Vista-Quote and how it can transform your MRO Parts Sales, contact sales team at 1-888-820-8551, Ext. 708, email us at

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