A Totally Reimagined Experience For Managing The Maintenance, Repair And Overhaul Of Aircraft Parts

Top MRO Features


Specify multiple part numbers, on a single transaction, that are eligible for satisfying your exchange. Set up an exchange sale with a quantity greater than one on a single line item, allowing you to simplify the larger transactions.

Also, you can override the system-generated returning core cost at the time of sale so you can manage those higher cost repairs, or occasional cost anomalies. When factoring return core costs, VistaSuite calculates your figures for a fast and accurate result.

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VistaSuite’s stand-alone labor recording capability allows you to track labor independently, which means you do not need to create a work order just to record labor.

Track time on a work order, sales order, stock line, inventory pool or general task - with the option to mark time as billable or non-billable. Admins can easily manage time entries and create dashboard widgets for at-a-glance labor tracking. Labor can be recorded using the mobile app or web browser.

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Work Order

A work order can be saved as a template for use again in the future. Work order quoting and billing integrates seamlessly with your existing quote and sales processes so that you can maintain complete process continuity.

Assign tasks to workers using a simple drag and drop layout. Record labor, charges, bill of materials, and equipment toward a whole work order or a task.

Manage component and aircraft end-item light maintenance, light manufacturing, and kitting. Include photos on work order documents to accompany the written details. Android and iOS mobile apps available managing labor recording, work orders, photo capture and more.

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Work In Progress Logs

WIP logs, found in work orders, provide you with readily available and easily discernable financial summaries to keep you always informed.

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Work Order

VistaSuite incorporates visual indicators throughout the work order process, showing key details at-a-glance, without needing to search through navigation menus. You can also apply a banner image to the work order header such as a company logo or other helpful visual aid.

Access transaction history, technical manuals, notes, tasks, labor recording and more from within a work order’s intuitive layout. When a technical manual is expired, a visual indicator will alert you to the expiration status so that you can take immediate action.

Tasks each have their own handling of file attachments, default pricing, mechanic notes, non-routines (squawks), internal notes with category “pins”, labor and equipment requirements, mechanic and inspector signatures, job progress status, and more.

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Quality Control

VistaSuite’s quality control checklists are a first-of-its-kind modernization to match the real-world needs of these business processes.

For work orders and inventory receiving, you can create quality control checklists and save them as templates for future use. This is especially beneficial for PMA, quality inspection of inbound goods, or for test and evaluation checks on work orders.

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Solutions for MRO

RFQ/RFP Mgmt. from Marketplaces
Customer Quotes for Services
Work Orders
Repair Orders
Sales Orders
Purchase Orders
Vendor Quotes
Work In Progress Logs (WIP)
Labor Recording
Bill of Materials
Quality Control Checklists
Interactive Shop Mgmt.
Inbound & Outbound Inventory Mgmt.
Previously Established History Alert
Create and Organize Internal Notes
Hide Grand Total When Quoting Services
Unlimited User-Defined Fields
Reports and Documents Creator
Metrics on Analytics Dashboard